2023年6月25日- 7月21日


Whether you’re looking for a taste of what Fishburne is like or you want to prepare yourself for Fall Semester or you just can’t get enough of what’s awesome about Fishburne, 我们的暑期班非常适合你. Come do something you’ve never done and make friends—and acquire skills—that will last a lifetime.

  • 在核心课程上保持领先
  • 提高你的学习技能
  • JROTC的活动和冒险
  • 为高考做更好的准备
  • 很棒的周末活动
  • 一周内的体育活动
  • 每周户外探险




Recent educational studies show that students lose about 30% of what they learn during a school year in the summer months.  The Fishburne Military School Summer Program may be just what your son needs to stop the summer slide!

The FMS Summer Program Academics is meant to be a review of things learned during the regular school year and a smattering of new information and skills. 今年夏天我们不提供学分课程, but rather educational opportunities to keep your son academically engaged so he does not fall behind in his studies.

除了我们的暑期英语语言艺术复习, math, science, and history, we are also offering SAT/ACT test prep classes through Edmentum, 一个经过验证的人工智能程序,可以帮助你的儿子提高考试成绩. 如果你的儿子需要信用恢复, we are offering opportunities for those courses to be completed through an online program that will be incorporated into our daily schedule.

Cadets choose 3 academic core, one-hour classes will be four times per week: Monday-Thursday.  Cadets will select 2 elective classes that will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.

FMS reserves the right to cancel any class or activity with fewer than five cadets enrolled during Summer School.

PDF/每日夏季时间表@ fishburn.

7th/Junior – Science English Math Geography & Social Studies 信用恢复(按需求提供)
8th/Junior – Science English Math Geography & Social Studies 信用恢复(按需求提供)
9th/Junior – Science English Math Geography & Social Studies SAT & ACT Test Prep**
第十届/高级-科学 English Math US History & Government SAT & ACT Test Prep**
11 /高级-科学 English Math US History & Government SAT & ACT Test Prep**
12 /高级-科学 English Math US History & Government SAT & ACT Test Prep**


At Fishburne, we see Elective Courses as a way to expand your educational horizons and strengthen your academic confidence (or, as we like to say, 发现自己的优点.) Our Summer electives will help you with everything from personal finance to military fitness—and everything in between. All Summer courses are “standard” level military programs for youth. No honors level/advanced/AP/Dual Enrollment courses are offered over the summer. 学员在暑期课程中选择两门课程.


Personal Finance & 专业技能* * 领导力教育培训- LET
IT建模与设计 体育运动中的领导力和人生课程
Health and Hygiene*

Summer Sports

Fishburne Summer Cadets must participate in afternoon sports time and can select from the following.

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball

Afternoon Adventures

逢星期一及星期三, all of our students come together for an adventure or confidence building activity.

JROTC Fridays

The students will truly experience Army adventure and leadership with JROTC Friday activities! Some of the activities include a visit to Virginia Military Institute with a Leader Reaction Teamwork Course, Rock Climbing wall, Ropes Course, VMI museum, a U.S. Army Fort Day, and Rappelling, Obstacle Courses, Compass Orienting Courses.

Fishburne Military School has earned the US Army’s highest level of accreditation and maintained its designation as a JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction for over 40 years. We may also nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies and host one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation, 由美国陆军学员司令部认可.


Summer students are trained to descend in a controlled manner from a height, 如悬崖或墙壁, sliding down down an anchored rope while appling friction to control their speed.


目标是跑到地图上显示的一系列点, choosing routes—both on and off trail—that will help you find all the points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time.


各队必须使用一根绳子越过一个障碍. 只有第一名和最后一名才允许触碰障碍物. 其余的必须通过绳桥.

Weekend Fun

We offer a variety of weekend programs for youth each year that range from hiking to fishing, 从骑马到漂流, 整个谢南多厄山谷.



• 14 Undershirts (Crew Neck, White Only) (No “V” Neck, No Tank Tops)
• 14 Pair of White Athletic Socks (Mid Calf Length) or White Ankle Socks (No No-Show Socks Allowed))
•枕头(20 X 26英寸)
• Bathrobe
• Swim Trunks (Any Color, Any Style) Sandals or Flip Flops and Beach Towel
2双运动鞋(其中一双必须是跑鞋), May Bring Baseball or Football Cleats as 3rd Pair of Athletic Shoes
• Shower Shoes

Room Items

• Cleaning Supplies- Wipes only, no sprays; Glass Cleaner, dust clothes, broom, mop, bucket & 刷刷(可与室友协调)
垃圾桶(13加仑, Tall, Kitchen-style with a supply of Trash Bags) (May coordinate with roommate.)
• Desk Lamp


•个人洗漱用品——卫生纸, Facial Tissue, Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Deodorant, 剃须膏和刮胡刀, 牙刷/牙膏
• Body Towelettes
• Re-sealable snacks

Academic Items

  • 螺旋笔记本(每个科目一本)
  • 一套钢笔(10 - 12支)(任何款式,只限黑色墨水)
  • 一盒铅笔(10 - 12支)(任何款式或颜色)
  • Bookbag or Backpack
  • Laptop / Tablet

Unauthorized Items

  • 无发热物品(1).e.:咖啡壶、电炉等.)
  • No Aerosol Cans (i.e.(发胶、除臭剂或空气清新剂). 提供杀虫剂和防晒霜.
  • 锻炼前不要补充补品
  • No Chewing Gum
  • 无太阳镜(提供FMS帽子)
  • New cadets are not permitted cell phones for the first 2 weeks

Things to Note

Lost or Stolen Items

Fishburne does not claim any responsibility for lost or stolen items, high value items are brought at your own risk and should be locked in the storage compartment under the bed (students must provide their own lock).

Last-minute Shopping

如果你需要临时购物的话, 我们建议去韦恩斯伯勒地区的零售店/杂货店, 沃尔玛超市或沃尔玛社区杂货店, Martin’s Grocery, Target, Ace Hardware, and Kroger Grocery.


离开校园前, please make sure you write down your son’s room phone number and extension so you may communicate him. 所有的电话都有语音信箱功能. It is up to your son to set up his own voicemail message (Operations Office Personnel are available to assist). 这可能需要几天的时间.

How to Contact Us

The Operations Department contact number (24 hours a day) is 540-946-7700 ext. 117. If you need to speak to our school’s medical staff, they can be reached at 540-946-7700 ext. 180.

Students Love Mail!

所有包裹都是在FMS工作人员在场的情况下打开的. 所有邮件及包裹可寄往:

Waynesboro, VA 22980

Mrs. Kathy Berrang 学生服务处主任是谁. You may contact her for any concerns that you may have regarding your son while he is attending FMS, including questions about public transportation and/or student travel. 她的电话是540-946-7700分机. 115 or kberrang@gogowuba.com.


如果你想去接你儿子参加周末开放活动, 你需要通知学生服务主任, Kathy Berrang by 1700 (5:00pm) the Thursday prior to his departure. The Operation’s Office requires an email request (from the parent or legal guardian) to the Director of Student Services, Kathy Berrang.

邮件中必须注明你儿子的名字, 你打算接他的日期和时间, 被授权去接他的人的名字, 还有他休假时住在哪里. All students are required to return to campus by 1900 (7:00pm) on Sunday.